Human Centric Design for heathcare

We believe in co-creation. We are working with Mothers , Doctors, Researchers,Designers,Engineers and other experts to develop world’s most precise and human centric solution to avoid the risk of stillbirths in developing and developed countries.



As per WHO, There are 136 Million pregnancies every year and about 3 Million pregnancies turns into stillbirths. 4.2 Million women are currently suffering with depression associated to their stillbirths. We are working towards reducing the burden of 2.6 Million Stillbirths (Pregnancy loss after 24 weeks of pregnancy) across the globe.


We are developing the non-invasive and wearable pregnancy monitor for daily monitoring of pregnancy. This will provide alerts and suggestions for expecting parents for timely action. Our priority is to reach all expecting parents in developing and developed countries.

First Time pregnant parents & Parents with history of stillbirth 


Contact : If you are new Expecting parents / Medical doctor and want to know more about KRIYA™ - Drop us a mail on ASAP.