Empathy Design Labs works with Researchers , Designers, Engineers ,Developers and Consultants to deliver best products and services in healthcare in India and other countries.



Mother & Child Care

We've designed Solutions for Pregnant mothers, Newborn , Medical staff including Doctors , Nurses, Social Healthcare workers and their settings-PHC,CHC,Private and public Hospitals in Rural and urban context. 

Elderly Care

We have extensive experience designing solutions for Elderly people and hence we are working to design better care , spaces and services for our families , your families. 


Youth Development

Youth are our future and hence we need to invest in their development as much we need to invest our effort and time and resources for elderly people. We work with Young groups to deliver best and intutive solutions for them

Design Solution for Pregnant woman


KRIYA is an IOT design solution for pregnant women to be used during antenatal period. 



A design research project to share experiences of pregnancy and delivery.


We can't solve what we don't know and understand. We are working to bring stories of pregancies together on one platform to understand them better. This can help to avoid bad outcome and improve the intra-partum experience for mothers.



A design thinking process to help our elderly people.


As per Helpage india Report - 20% of our population to be elderly by 2050.We are passionate working with Elderly people in India. We are a team who has seen and experienced the design challenges for elderly people across the globe. Ideage is a platform to generate more ideas and awareness about this area. We conduct workshops with Elderly care home , Old age homes, Families. We want to encourage more interest in India int his domain.



Experience cafe to Learn - Create - Innovate


We understood skill challenges while working with young people in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. We have design Experience Cafe (to be opened soon) to facilitate experience workshops and provide hand on experience to all age groups. 



A perspective on Family Planning in India


PAGIR is a tamil word which means "share". The challenge which is given to us was "how to involve men into family planning decision." We spent a month understanding a challenges and designed a solution called PAGIR.