Meet Arushi Chaudhary , Communication Design Intern

Arushi has joined us as Communication Design intern . She walked in with a curious mind and happy heart. She is currently exploring ways to enhance experience of our product - KRIYA through design thinking process. 

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Tell us a little about you?

I am a design student at IIITDM Jabalpur with an interest in Human Centered Design. I am skilled at Visual Ergonomics and like illustrating. 

What is the most excited thing about joining Empathy Design labs? What would you be doing during your internships?

Empathy Design Labs has a very Human centric approach. The people are highly motivated and focused towards their work.During my internship, I would be developing solutions to enhance the experience of using KRIYA- an IoT device for pregnant women.

You have spend some time learning about design, What has fascinated you the most about Human Centered Design?

Human Centered Design is co-creative. If the users are a part of the development phase, the design will sure be accepted by the users. 


NSIF awards mentorship to 10 tech-enabled innovations

This year NSIF received over 1,900 applications, an almost 45% jump from the last year, from which 10 entrepreneurs and non-profits were chosen across six categories

 Empathy Design Labs - Winner - Healthcare , NSIF AWARDS 2018

Empathy Design Labs - Winner - Healthcare , NSIF AWARDS 2018


New Delhi: Nasscom Social Innovation Forum (NSIF), a part of Nasscom Foundation, announced the winners from among entrepreneurs and not-for-profits who applied for its annual social innovation programme. The programme offers four grants of Rs10 lakh each in association with Mphasis to some winners in addition to a year-long mentorship and guidance. The NSIF is in its 10th year and is open to innovators who have technology-enabled solutions in the fields of education, financial inclusion, environment, healthcare, and accessibility, among others. This year NSIF received over 1,900 applications, an almost 45% jump from the last year, from which 10 entrepreneurs and non profits were chosen across six categories after jury deliberation.

Shrikant Sinha, CEO of Nasscom Foundation, said that the ideas are selected on the basis of how frugal, accessible and affordable the innovation is. The grants which were introduced three years ago, will be disbursed equally between two non-profits and two for-profits each because “this can act as a catalyst for such agencies who have incubated ideas but because of a lack of systematic impact funding find it a challenge to go up to the next level,” according to Sinha.

“Right now our prototype is ready but we need conduct a pilot and then get ready to scale up. We believe Nasscom will be able to help us with this thanks to their network,” says Shivi Kapil, founder of Empathy Design Labs Pvt Ltd which has designed Kriya, an IoT (Internet of things) solution centering around antenatal care.

“Mentoring can be a game changer. While high quality mentors do make a difference, it is important for entrepreneurs to also be mentorable. Continuous learning and evolving is critical for any business to leverage opportunities and overcome hurdles,” says Padmaja Ruparel, co-founder Indian Angel Network (IAN) who was one of the jury members at NSIF.

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WCIT 2018 push for social innovation

NASSCOM Foundation, in collaboration with Mphasis, announced the winners of the tenth edition of the Nasscom Social Innovation Forum, a platform that fosters use of technology to create social impact.


Hyderabad: Technology use can give solutions to real life problems. Select startups have proved that at the WCIT. For instance, Pi Jam Foundation is working on a low cost pocket sized computer for students. Another organisation, Saajha, is enabling parental and community participation in schools to improve learning in government schools.

Empathy Design Labs is working on a IoT based wearable patch for pregnant mothers to screen and monitor pregnancy.The non-invasive patch’s, which will gather data through an app, is now seeing pilots happening.

NASSCOM Foundation, in collaboration with Mphasis, announced the winners of the tenth edition of the Nasscom Social Innovation Forum, a platform that fosters use of technology to create social impact.NSIF received over 1900 applications this year. Winners were chosen in education, accessibility, healthcare, financial inclusion, environment and other areas. Winners gto the awards from IT Minister KT Ramarao.

“NSIF has been the corner stone of Tech4Good in India. It has seen ideas take shape into industries, people change to adapt to new technologies, and technologies create impact to change economies,” said Shrikant Sinha, CEO, Nasscom Foundation.

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Nasscom hands over social innovation awards- NSIF 2018

IoT-based patch for pregnant women among the winners

 Empathy Design Labs won NSIF 2018 winner trophy for Healthcare category

Empathy Design Labs won NSIF 2018 winner trophy for Healthcare category

A portable board that converts digital text content to its equivalent Braille output, a low cost pocket sized computer for students and an Internet of Things-based wearable patch for pregnant women to screen and monitor pregnancy were among the 10 winners of the Nasscom Social Innovation Forum awards.

The awards were presented at the WCIT 2018 and Nasscom India Leadership Forum that concluded in the city on Wednesday. An initiative of the Nasscom Foundation, in collaboration with Mphasis, the Nasscom Social Innovation Forum is a platform that fosters innovative use of technology to create sustained social impact.

Some of the winners would also be receiving ₹10 lakh as catalytic grant. A total of 1900 applications were received for the awards in the categories of financial inclusion, healthcare, environment, education and accessibility.

Information Technology Minister K.T. Rama Rao, IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and former Nasscom chairman B.V.R. Mohan Reddy presented the awards to the winners. A release from the Foundation said all the winners would be provided with a 12 month 'Support to Scale' mentoring from experts and leaders in the industry worth ₹20 lakh.

The winners were Pi Jam Foundation and Saajha in the education category, Blank Solutions and Thinkerbell Labs (accessibility), Empathy Design Labs and Epocare (healthcare), Danamajo and DonateKart (financial inclusion), StrataEnviro (Environment) and Schemopedia (other social issues).



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ICICI Bank started a nation wide campaign #fundyourownworth to recognize the wonderful work done by women of India. The campaign brought together 18800 stories across India. These stories were shared on the portal and were reviewed and tested over months to select top 25 stories. It was an honor to be there to chosen among the most senior and humbled women achievers. The director of Empathy Design Labs - SHIVI was chosen as one of the youngest achievers there.

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 Shivi receiving award from Senior officer , ICICI Bank and accomplished woman and actor VIDYA BALAN at ICICI Bank TRIDENT Mumbai.  - Feb 9th, 2018

Shivi receiving award from Senior officer , ICICI Bank and accomplished woman and actor VIDYA BALAN at ICICI Bank TRIDENT Mumbai.  - Feb 9th, 2018



Shivi was raised in a household which celebrated daughters. Her parents encouraged her and all of her siblings to be go-getters and to believe in their talents.
After completing her masters in user experience design, Shivi turned her attentions to healthcare and travelled across India doing field research. During this time, she discovered that many women still suffer from stillbirths in both rural and urban areas.

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Shivi’s company, Empathy Design Labs Pvt Ltd, is now engineering a product for women in developing countries, which uses multiple sensors to pick up on any foetal health abnormalities.

According to Shivi, WE Can India has been a game changer for her and her business. She also spoke about how supportive her WE Can mentor has been in helping her to develop in a more focused and strategic way.

“WE Can India is a great platform to encourage women in untapped areas. It has widened my network of people of various expertise and skills. I am looking forward to further learnings and support.”

Shivi's Interview got published on "The story exchange"

Shivi Kapil: User Centric Design for Healthcare 



Name: Shivi Kapil  

Business: Empathy Design Labs  

Location: Bangalore, India 

Industry: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness

Reason for starting? I have an Electronics Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in User Experience Design from the National Institute of Design here in India. My skills and interests include leading user research and interaction design for healthcare and medical technologies. I have 6+ years of work experience in medical technologies and healthcare research. I have worked with Philips Research, M4ID-Finland, WHO, and UNICEF. I have been an IDDS-MIT D Lab fellow. I always wanted to design solutions for Maternal and Elderly people. I got this opportunity when I got selected as a BIRAC SIIP Fellow last year which was designed for Maternal and childcare. I developed my idea further and started my entrepreneurial journey. Now, I am the founder and director of my healthcare start-up – Empathy Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. I am working on innovative solutions for pregnant moms, which can avoid the risk of stillbirth in India and other developing countries. 

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How do you define success? Let your actions define you and not your words. I am a believer of practicing empathy and hence am driven by a user centric mindset. Success to me is my happiness after a productive day. Success is when you don’t give up. Success is when you go out, enjoy an ice cream and laugh about your failures. Success is when you find happiness everyday because of your work. 

Biggest success: I believe that life gives you one chance everyday – just take it. Take that risk and give it your best. I took mine. I feel successful when I see my growth in past years. My biggest success is that I feel happy because I do what I love. I feel happy more than successful when I see somebody coming to me saying, “I love your work, I want to do what you are doing.” I dream of a world without any maternal and neonatal death. Birth is a beautiful event of nature and I want it to be safe and successful for every pregnant mother and every baby waiting to come to this world. 

I want to earn money by making meaningful solutions in healthcare. I want my solutions to be User-centric so that they don’t mind paying for them. 98% of 2.6 million stillbirths occur in LMICs. We are driven by the design thinking process to solve bigger issues. After completing early clinical studies and we will introduce the product into the Indian market in late 2018. We plan to use funds to develop proof of market demand and adoption in 10 Indian states. We will have reached 15,000-20,000 mothers within the two year grant funding. Within 10 years, we hope to be the standard of care for Antenatal foetal monitoring having protected 20 million pregnant mothers and babies from stillbirths cumulatively and 7 million per year thereafter worldwide. 

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Learn things by doing. You need to try things before you make assumptions. You need to work every single day for your idea/product/service whatever it is. Being entrepreneur is not a cake walk but it not as bad as people think. You need to give it a try every single time.  

Who is your most important role model? My role model is that nurse in a rural hospital who leaves her family early in the morning and treats patients with a smile on her face for an 8-12 hour shift. She never complains. She is my role model because I learn from her everyday. Nurses save people. I wanted to work in healthcare because I believe in innovations and simple solutions which can make their life, nurses’ lives, easier. I want to make healthcare solutions easy, effective and user centric so that technology can become meaningful and not another burden on them.

WE CAN TOP 26 BY DHRIITI , Cherrie Blair Foundation, US Embassy


Shivi Kapil, Founder of Empathy Design Labs

Shivi was born and brought up in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh along with her two other sisters and a brother. Her parents, a Retd. Deputy SP and a Retd. Principal of a govt college, celebrated girl children. They focussed on investing equally in the upbringing of all the four children without bias and impetus was laid in excelling in life for each one.

This upbringing since childhood, shaped Shivi to become a go-getter. After completing her Engineering degree, she went on to pursue her Masters degree in User Experience Design from NID India. It is during this phase in life, Shivi started ideating about simple solutions to daily life problems. Design education turned Shivi’s focus to problem solving and developing intuitive solutions for daily life problems.

During her education in NID she designed solutions like – Mobile app for working mother for better time management, Health checkup services designed for house wives in towns and cities, Universal design for mobile phone so that even blind people can use phone, UI design for many websites and products. She turned towards healthcare when she got selected for USID Gurukul Program at IIT Kanpur in 2010 during her post graduation.



Shivi, with the FICCI Award

Last year in October 2015 She got selected as Social Immersion Innovation Fellow by Department of Bio technology from India. This fellowship was deigned to solve maternal and child care problem. Shivi travelled across India during her field research in tribal areas. it is during these travels she observed that stillbirths are prevalent across India either rural or urban. Stillbirths means when foetus/ baby dies inside mother’s uterus before delivery. As per WHO report, 2.6 Million stillbirths are occurring across world due to subjective delay in reporting the reasons for abnormal pregnancy parameters. Which means 7000+ stillbirths every day. 98% of these stillbirths take place in developing countries like India. It is here she observed a huge need for a solution to monitor pregnancy, especially ANC records, which would help in reducing still births.To address this need Shivi has designed a solution which will provide alerts on time for referral in case of abnormality of foetal health during pregnancy.

Empathy Design Labs Pvt Ltd is developing a device which will monitor pregnancy to avoid the risk of stillbirth (foetus death before delivery) in developing countries like India. It is also expected to encourage mothers for better ANC and early screening of pregnancy. She has combined her electronics engineering and product design skills and has come up with a product idea which has multiple sensors to monitor pregnancy.

WE Can India has been a game changer for Shivi. To quote her, “#WECanIndia has been Incredible ! I could have missed the opportunity but thanks to the program coordinator, it got worked out and I attended it in Lucknow. All participants were so inspiring and I was amazed to see their energy. WE Can India is great platform to encourage women in untapped areas. It made me more focussed and strategic. It has widened my network of people of various expertise and skills. It has been just awesome.My mentor- Mr. Vijay Ladha has been so supportive that I now have sense to develop the business further. Special mention to Arindam and Debaleena who have been so patient and inspiring that we all could achieve what we have achieved today. I am looking forward to further learnings and support.”

You can know more about Shivi and her innovation by visiting her website

You can also connect with her in LinkedIn