Meet our Clinical Researcher : Gangmei Ajenlu

Jen joined us as “Clinical Researcher”. Her enthusiasm for research is mind blowing. She invests her time identifying challenges and insights. She did a field research in Manipur as well and found out the health challenges which her family and friends are facing in her own surroundings. She is currently involved in data collection and public health perspective of the work we are doing.

Let’s know more about her-


Hey Jen , Tell us a little about you and your background.

Hello ! My name is Gangmei Ajenlu and team calls me “Jen”. I am from Imphal (Manipur, India) and have completed B.Sc microbiology and have completed my diploma in Clinical Research.

2. Why did you join Empathy Design Labs ? and what do you do here ?

Since, my interest is in Health Care and Empathy Design Labs is working on a solution for pregnant parents. Hence, I find that I can enhance my skills and knowledge. I work as a Clinical Researcher in the team and i spend lot of time conducting research on clinical evidence and clinical , quantitative and qualitative data from users. I visit hospitals to gather data , speak to pregnant women , speak to doctors and nurses. I also read research published online and try to incorporate those insights in the work we do here.

3. What is the most exciting thing about your work ? What do you like the most about your work ? and why ?

I started a fresh in this industry and start-up culture- The guidance and facilities which I received from my mentor motivates me to learn every day. The most exciting thing about my work is that I get chance to interact with doctors of all kinds of hospitals and patients to understand their challenges and to come up with the solution by brain storming with my team members . I realize the value we are adding to the maternal and child care in our country and and it is the reason that I am willing to help doctors and patients to come out with better health outcomes.